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Dr. Cliff Leachman

Dramatic comfort for my Eyes and my LIFE!!!

Hi Dr. Rose,

Thanks for getting back to me. I really wanted to let you know how your contact lens design has truly improved the quality of my life. Not since I tried hard lenses for the first time has there been such a dramatic change in my life.

I received my first pair of glasses in 1977 at the age of 16 after failing my drivers exam 3 times. Funnily enough I passed the eye exam, but the first time I went through a stop sign, the second time I went through a red light and the third time I almost side-swiped a car leaving the parking lot to start the test. The examiner asked if I saw the car I said," No!" He told me to get my eyes checked and that was my first pair of glasses. Needless to say they didn't work very well and I couldn't go down stairs without falling so I stopped wearing them until my 20's when I met a girl whose father was an Urologist and got me to an Ophthalmologist to get fitted for hard contacts in the early 80's. I went to Vancouver to the Willow Eye Clinic (Dr. J.S.F. Richards) where they thought, due to the severity, I might need a corneal transplant. They found a ligament in the Vitreous fluid in my left eye and misdiagnosed me with Tuberous Sclerosis, with the spots on my back, I've never seen, they gave me 6 months to live before I went mentally retarded and died. They said because of the spots on my back I should be retarded now! I was a Chef at the time, but because I could see for the first time I decide to go to dental school. It and I turned out to be an anomaly!  

When I received my first pair of contacts through the tears I saw for the first time! Really, really unbelievable, seeing trees in mountains, hair follicles on my face and mountains! I couldn't tell mountains from clouds and use to admire people who could look at the stars and tell you what they were. For years I thought I was stupid and did everything to pass ALL tests, even cheating on eye tests to pass. Never occurred to me that my eyesight was a problem! That’s how I passed the drivers eye exam, but couldn't see a red light or stop sign!!!!

My new Eye doctor prescribed the Rose-K's to me when they first came out as I had thought until then that for the rest of my life I will have to put up with discomfort all my waking hours to be alive. Your Rose-K's, especially the new design Rose K2, make me forget sometimes that they are even in! What an accomplishment! I used to not blink when I cutting teeth so my contacts wouldn't move and screw up my sight. I use 3.5 to 6 power magnification to see the details. I always use to have red lines on the outside edge of my iris where my eye lids meet. Now I'm a REGULAR human!

Again I can't than you enough for this development and I promised myself if I ever had the opportunity to thanks you for DRAMATICALLY changing the quality of my life I would! So thank you again! If you ever need someone to give a testimonial, please free to use me! It would be a pleasure and a method to repay you for your improvement to Keratoconus patients and to my life specifically! What could be better saving the sight of someone who went on to become a dentist!!!!

Dr Cliff Leachman.  Canada        

p.s. I included my script and pressure test of surface tomography, after all who else would be interested in this? As you can see I have eyes like potatoes!