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KC-Link Member

“…A few months ago I was a bit frustrated with my less advanced eye.  I had a Rose K lens in my worst eye and a very comfortable standard RPG in my better eye.  Even though I came very close to 20-20 in my doctor’s office, I found that in daylight and at distances beyond 10 or 15 feet, my vision was much worse in my “good” eye.  My doctor was hesitant to try a different lens because the fit was so good and my acuity tested so well in his office, but he agreed to go ahead and try a Rose K instead of the standard RGP.

I just got the Rose K last week and the improvement in my distance vision has been dramatic.  I am still about 20-20 in his office, but my ability to see at a distance in daylight has not been this good in years.  The comfort is quite good with both lenses and my acuity is great.  For anyone considering Rose K, I can attest to the fact that in my situation, it definitely made a huge difference compared to a standard RGP lens.  Most importantly, with my contacts I am able to engage in a number of activities that I couldn’t even consider with my glasses.  Thank you Dr. S. for suggesting a Rose K to me a while back – your advice was right on!.....”

From a Member of the Patient Support Group: KC-Link 

Los Angeles