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Malcolm Barrett

I am 57 years old and was diagnosed with keratoconus in my early 20s, so I have been wearing contact lenses for about 35 years as spectacles are of no practical use to me.

During this time my eyes have steadily deteriorated and I required a corneal graft in my right eye in the early 1980s.

I had always pushed the limits of the design technology of the contact lenses that were available until the ROSE K lens was developed in the 1990s.  The innovation of the design has enabled me to avoid further corneal grafts, to have good vision, excellent comfort and stable fit, plus the ability to wear them all the time that I am awake.

The innovation of the 'post graft' ROSE  K lens has been of exceptional benefit to the health of my grafted cornea.

Without the continuing commitment to excellence and ongoing innovation of the ROSE K team, I would not enjoy the good eyesight that I have nor would I have been able to lead a normal and functional life.