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Wojciech Jan Michalik

My name is Wojciech Jan Michalik  and I live in Thames on the Coromandel Peninsula  in New Zealand.

I have been wearing rigid lenses since I was first diagnosed with keratoconus, over 40 years ago. October 03 Mr. Paul Rose,of Rose Optometrists, fitted my right eye with his latest design the Rose K2 lens, and this has proved to be by far , the most comfortable lens  I have ever worn. In fact I cannot even feel this lens in my eye at all and my vision is better than it ever has been before. The lens is also more stable and I am able to look sideways without feeling the lens is going to move off my eye whereas with old designs I needed to turn my head more.

I would most highly recommend the Rose K2 lens to anyone wearing or fitting contact lenses for keratoconus.