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Upcoming Seminars

(last updated: 2016.9.16)

Please refer to this page for information on upcoming ROSE K seminars.
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Dates City Country Sponsor Details
Sep 26 Gothenburg Sweden  Multilens Lecture 
Sep 27 Oslo Norway Multilens Lecture 
Sep 28 Helsinki Finland Multilens FLCA Workshop 
Sep 29 Helsinki  Finland  Multilens
Helsinki University Hospital Lecture
Sep 30 Paris  France  Menicon SAS Workshop (ECLSO Congress)
Oct 1 Paris France  Menicon SAS ECLSO Congress
Oct 3 Paris France  Menicon SAS Menicon Workshop
Oct 4 Carcavelos Portugal Menicon SAS Seminar
Oct 5 Lisbon Portugal Menicon SAS Lecture
Oct 8 Glasgow Scotland Menicon Ltd. HOAC Lecture
Oct 10 Glasgow Scotland Menicon Ltd. Lecture / Workshop
Oct 12 Manchester England Menicon Ltd. Presentation
Oct 13 Birmingham England Menicon Ltd. Presentation
Oct 14 London England Menicon Ltd. Presentation


Check back from time to time as new seminars will be added as they are confirmed.