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Solution Questions

Care solution-related fitting questions from fitters and replies by Paul Rose

last updated 2020.12.29


Q: What solutions do you recommend to use with Rose K lenses?

A: MeniCare is an excellent soaking/wetting solution for Rose K lenses.  Also hydrogen peroxide can be used for storage with XL if depositing is an issue.  For daily surface cleaning after removal from the eye then an alcohol based surfactant cleaner is ideal.

Q: In view of possible coronavirus transmission via contamination of contact lens fit sets - what cleaning regime would be adequate to ensure the fit sets are appropriately disinfected?

A: I would recommend cleaning the trial lens in Progent.  This would be more than adequate to kill almost all microorganisms.  Please contact Menicon for more information about Progent and its efficacy against coronavirus.

Q: The Progent system is recommended for all materials once a month?

A: Yes, any rigid lens materials.  Please contact Menicon for more information about Progent.