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A Clinical Evaluation of the Rose K Lens


Sarah Yess, OD, Contact Lens Resident:  Pennsylvania College of Optometry
Kenneth Daniels, OD, Assistant Clinical Professor, Director of Contact Lens Research, Pennsylvania College of Optometry.
Ranjoo Prasad, OD, Fourth Year, Extern Paper.


This study was developed to evaluate a new specialty lens designed for keratoconus called the Rose K manufactured by Lens Dynamics.

The study was comprised of a retrospective record review and clinical evaluation.  The clinical evaluation consisted of the acquisition of corneal typography using the TMS - 1™ and TMS - 2™ (Tomey Technologies), logmar visual acuity, subjective survey, slit lamp examination and 35mm photography using a Nikon FS - 2 slit lamp and the CLEK protocol for lens photos.

The results of the survey suggest that the Rose K lens can be fit with an average of two trial lenses on a variety of keratoconus types inclusive of nipple, oval and globus.  The visual acuity consistently delivers an approximate 20/25 vision with an 85% of the study  subjects stating that the acuity was very good in the morning or after insertion.  However, the stability of vision diminished towards the later part of the day.  Subjectively, the non visual comfort with the Rose K lens was rated better than average with lens awareness lower than average.

The Rose K lens, in this limited population study, has demonstrated sufficient clinical acceptability enough to suggest that the Rose K lens may be considered a first choice when fitting keratoconus.