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Academic Papers

On this page you will find links to papers on ROSE K that have been published in academic journals.

Fitting Tips and Visual Rehabilitation of Irregular Cornea with a New Design of Corneoscleral Contact Lens: Objective and Subjective Evaluation (PDF)
Waleed Ali Abou Samra, Amani E. Badawi, Hanem Kishk, Ayman Abd El ghafar, Mohamed M. Elwan, Hossam Youssef Abouelkheir. (2018). Journal of Ophthalmology, Article ID 3923170, vol. 2018, Page 8.

Role of mini-scleral lens in mucous membrane pemphigoid (PDF)
Mukesh Kumar, Rohit Shetty, Chaitra Jayadev; 2017 

Long-term evaluation of Rose K2 contact lens wearers (PDF)
Waleed Abou Samra, MD. (2013). Journal of Egyptian Ophthalmological Society,106, 54-59

Evaluation of rigid gas permeable lens fitting in keratoconic patients with optical coherence tomography (PDF)
Amal M. Ebendary, Waleed Abou Samra. (2013). Graefes Arch Clin Exp Ophthalmol, 251, 1565-1570

Clinical Performance Of A Semi Scleral Contact Lens Design In Irregular Cornea Abstract (PDF)
Waleed Abou Samra, MD

Fitting Of Challenging Corneas With Special Design Of Rigid Gas Permeable (RGP) Lens Abstract (PDF)
Waleed Abou Samra, MD

Utility of a semi-scleral contact lens design in the management of the irregular cornea (PDF)
Miguel Romero Jiménez, MRG Doctores, Patricia Flores Rodríguez. (2012).

Success Rate of Rose K Lens Fit (Abstract) (Word)
Miguel Romero-Jiménez. (2011).

Rose K Nipple Cone:  Beating the Unbeatable (Word)
Miguel Romero Jiménez - DOO, MSc- MRG Doctores & Dr Jacinto Santodomingo (PhD), MSc, OD, MCOptom, FBCLA, FAAO. (2011). 

Rose K lenses for Keratoconus - An Indian Experience (PDF)
Preeji Mandathara Sudharman, Varsha Rathi and Srikanth Dumapati. (2010). Eye and Contact Lens Magazine 

30 Years of CL Prescribing for Keratoconus in Turkey
Lale K Bilgin, Senay Yilmaz, Bilge Araz, Serdar B Yuksel, Turan Sezen. (2009). Contact Lens and Anterior Eye, 32, 16-21. British Contact Lens Association (published)

Rose-K Contact Lens for Keratoconus (PDF)
Arun K Jain, MD and Jaspreet Sukhija, MS. (2007). Indian J Opthalmol, 55, 121

The Rose K Lens Design for Keratoconus
Patrick J. Caroline, C.O.T,  F.A.A.O, Forest Grove, Oregon

Fitting Results for the Rose K Lens Design for Keratoconus
Theodore Bufidis, Nickolas Georgiadis, Kathryn Murphy B 

A Clinical Evaluation of the Rose K Lens: A Unique Design for Keratoconus
Sarah Yess, Kenneth Daniels, Ranjoo Prasad

Visual Performance and Comfort with the Rose K Lens for Keratoconus (Word)
Betts AM, Mitchell GL and Zadnik K. (2002). Optometry and Vision Science, 79(8), 493-501