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Not only are patients impressed with the ROSE K lens but many optical practitioners also report fantastic results for patients. Click on the testimonials below which contain excerpts of letters from optical practitioners.

David W. Hansen, O.D., F.A.A.O.
Des Moines, Iowa

United States of America

The Rose K System for prescribing specialty contact lenses for keratoconus and other corneal irregularities offers the practitioner a unique opportunity to provide excellent comfort and superior ...

Christine Sindt, OD
Director, Contact Lenses

Department of Opthamology
University of Iowa
United States of America

In my busy keratoconus practice I wouldn't know how to practice without the Rose K design. The lens system has decreased my fitting time significantly, but what I enjoy most is the accurate lens ...

Ron Watanabe, OD
Chief, Cornea and Contact Lens Service, The New England Eye Institute

Associate Professor, The New England College of Optometry
United States of America

"The Rose-K gas permeable lens system has simplified keratoconus fitting for me, my residents, and my students. The large fitting set allows us to fit a large percentage of our keratoconus patients ...

Neil D Cox FCOptom FAAO
United Kingdom

"I wish to congratulate you on achieving an excellent lens design with a wide range of applicability within a very varied group of keratoconic patients.  As you know it has always been difficult ...

Douglas Cox MB. (NZ). F.R.C.S. (ENG) F.R.A.C.O.

New Zealand

TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN SUBJECT: ROSE K LENS I write this report to give my enthusiastic support for this particular contact lens in the management of keratoconus patients.  I am a corneal and ...
Mark Andre, O.D. F.A.A.O.
United States of America

Dear Paul: I have been using the Rose K lens design as a lens of first choice since it was introduced in the United States. I have successfully fit hundreds of patients with the design, most of whom ...
Shelley I. Cutler, OD, FAAO
Philadelphia, PA

The Rose K is an excellent design for the Keratoconic cornea.  It's a great choice for the inexperienced fitter, since it eliminates the need to specify all the peripheral curvatures. For the ...


Widad Is'haq, OD, Jeddah Eye Hospital

The Rose K design is a unique keratoconus lens design.  The system allows the practitioner to choose lens options based on a systematic fitting approach.  The Rose K lens is fully flexible lens system that works well on early to advance keratoconus patients...


M. Nirmal Raj, SR. Optometrist, Armed Forces Hospital, Muscat

I am M.Nirmal Raj, Optometrist at present working in Armed Forces Hospital in Muscat Since July 2010 as Sr. Optometrist and contact lens clinic in charge.....I have seen their radient faces when their visual acuity is improved with Rose K lenses, this I have noticed even their follow up visits...