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Case Studies & Posters

On this page you can find links to case studies and posters related to ROSE K lenses. Newest additions can be found at the top of this page for 3 months.


Case Studies

ROSE K Irregular Cornea Contact Lens
John Steile, Magrabi Eye Center, Dubai - 2007

ROSE K Post Graft - WOW!
Rajesh Wadhwa, Wadhwa Optikos, New Delhi, India - 2009

Post-LASIK Ectasia Presents with Keratoconus-like Topography
Contact Lens Spectrum 2009 Calendar Case Report

David Thomas Changing Lives
Case Study - Jecinta Kanini - 2010

NZ Optics Magazine May 2008;34 Author: Alan Saks

Fitting GP Contact Lenses after CXL treatment (Abstract for EAOO 2014 poster) (DOCX)
2013;  Authors:  Eleni Poulere, Edward Greenrod, Ioannis Aslanides, Sotiris Plainis 

ROSE K2 Soft Case Studies (1 and 2) (PDF)
Author: Jennifer McMahon BOptom(Hons) MCOptom

ROSE K2 Soft Case Studies (3) (PDF)
Author: Jennifer McMahon BOptom(Hons) MCOptom

ROSE K2 XL Case Study (1) (PDF)
Author: Dennis Francisco, O.D.

Patient management in Pellucid Marginal Corneal Degeneration (PDF)
2017;  Authors: Giannis Psaltis, Lydia Vasilopoulou, Giorgos Tzifis, Sotiris Plainis

Clinical Abstract: Challenging patient management after refractive surgery (PDF)
2017;  Authors: Eleni Poulere, Orestis Loukaides, Sotiris Plainis


Fitting a customised ROSE K2 XL lens to a glaucoma shunt patient (GSLS 2014 Poster) (PNG)
2014;  Author:  Miguel Romero Jiménez

Multiple-Curve Design Contact Lenses for Keratoconus in Japanese Eyes A Study of ROSE K2 NC-prescribed eyes (GSLS 2015 Poster) (PDF)
2015;  Author:  Miki Sakata

Fitting a Notched ROSE K2 XL Lens to a conjunctival pinguecula (GSLS 2015 Poster) (PDF)
2015;  Author: Miguel Romero-Jiménez

Role of Mini-Scleral Lens in Mucous Membrane Pemphigoid (PDF)
2016;  Authors: Mukesh Kumar, Rohit Shetty, Rajesh S Kumar, Chaitra Jayadev

Effect of Mini Scleral Lenses on Higher Order Aberration in Irregular Cornea (PDF)
2016;  Authors: 
Mukesh Kumar, Rohit Shetty, Rajesh S Kumar, Chaitra Jayadev

The Impact of Mini-Scleral lens in Post Lasik Ectasia (PDF)
2016;  Authors: Mukesh Kumar, Rohit Shetty, Rajesh S Kumar, Chaitra Jayadev

Benefits of a corneo scleral vs a scleral design in a case of conjunctival prolapse (PDF)
2017;  Authors: Patricia Flores-Rodríguez, Hugo Legaria

Using an asymmetrical lens design for a patient with a pterygium (PDF)
2017;  Author: Patricia Flores-Rodríguez DOO, MSc, PhD

Keep Calm and Fit Specialty Soft Lenses (A4 size) (PDF)
2019; Authors: Muzzi Maria Giulia, Giulianelli Riccardo