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Fitting Results for the Rose K Lens Design for Keratoconus


Theodore Bufidis, MD, PhD Ophthalmologic Center of Northern Greece, Thessaloniki, Greece.
Nickolas Georgiadis, MD, PhD, University of Ophthalmology, Thessaloniki, Greece.
Kathryn Murphy B Optom(NZ) MCOptom(UK), Private and Hospital Practice, London, UK.


To determine the benefits of fitting the "Rose K" lens design for keratoconus.

In this prospective study, 27 patients (38 eyes) with keratoconus replaced their old standard lens design with the "Rose K" lens, fitted from a 26-lens trial set.  The diagnostic lenses have reducing optic zone diameter as the base curve steepens, and adjustable peripheral clearance.

Follow-up time ranged from 5-20 months.  In all cases the patients achieved better comfort and visual acuity.  On slit lamp evaluation the new lenses resulted in better centration and a more desirable lens-to-cornea relationship.  In 14 eyes of 12 patients the quality of the epithelium showed clinical improvement.

The "Rose K" lens provided patients with keratoconus improved comfort and visual acuity, in comparison with standard lens design.