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The Rose K Lens Design for Keratoconus


Patrick J. Caroline, C.O.T,  F.A.A.O, Assistand Professor of Optometry at pacific University, Forest Grove, Oregon, Director of Contact lens research at Oregon Health Sciences University, Portland.
Mark P. Andre, F.C.L.S.A, Director of Contact Lens Services at the Casey Eye Institute.  Research Associate Oregon Health Sciences University.
Craig W. Norman, F.C.L.S.A, Director South Bend Clinic and advisor to RGP Lens Institute.


In our hands, the Rose K design has proven to be a simple, systematic method of managing all of the diverse corneal typographies found in keratoconus.  Having fitted over 100 keratoconus patients in this design, it is clear that patient comfort, visual acuity and most importantly, wearing time has significantly increased for most patients.  The fitting of contact lenses for keratoconus will always be a challenging experience.  However, the controlled contour and systematic fitting approach of the Rose K design has proven to be a quantum leap forward in the management of these difficult eyes.