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David Thomas Changing Lives


Name: Jecinta Kanini

DOB: 14/8/1999


Jecinta was raised by her single mum, in a small town called Makueni. She has one brother who is aged 7 yrs old. Her mum has always worked as a househelp whose average salary is £50 per month. Jecinta had a history of recurring allergies. She was constantly prescribed eye drops that helped for a few weeks only. In February 2007, her vision started to drop. She could not read from the blackboard even when seated in the front row of the class. Her mum did not have money to take her to the Hospital to have her eyes checked. Consequently, she dropped out of School. In 2008, she was brought to Muthaiga Eye Clinic by a well wisher. Visual Acuity unaided was 6/240 in each eye. There was no improvement with spectacles. Keratometry readings were greater than 56D each eye. Best fit was achieved with Rose K2 lenses and vision improved to RE 6/15 and LE 6/18. Jecinta was ecstatic with her vision but knew that she could not afford the contact lenses. After sharing her story with David Thomas, they were kind enough to supply her lenses free of charge. We would like to say a big Thank you to David Thomas for changing Jecinta’s life. She returned back to School and has completed the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education. She has now started a course in hairdressing. She has recently gotten married and has a son who is 2 years old.




Jecinta Kanini




Jecinta with her family