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Douglas Cox MB. (NZ). F.R.C.S. (ENG) F.R.A.C.O.



I write this report to give my enthusiastic support for this particular contact lens in the management of keratoconus patients.  I am a corneal and anterior segment surgeon and although I do not fit contact lenses apart from post-operative ones for therapeutic use, I have been involved in a very large number of keratoconus patients over the past twenty years and in recent years have performed an average of thirty to thirty five corneal grafts a year, the vast majority of which are for keratoconus.

I have been extremely impressed by the difference which the Rose K lens has made to the management of more difficult keratoconus patients.  We have found in recent years that patients who would have required corneal grafting more for their inability to get a reasonably fitting lens rather than because of central corneal damage, has fallen considerably because they are now able to comfortably wear a Rose K Lens with a moderately distorted cornea and achieve very good visual results.

The comments from patients about their comfort and ease of wearing and inserting have been very positive.  I have not seen any side effects as a result of wearing Rose K Lenses and in fact I believe that our epithelial problems have been reduced because of the very good fitting of these lenses.

It is now rare in my practice for a keratoconus patient not to be wearing a Rose K Lens and I actively encourage my Opthalmological and Optometrical colleagues in their use.